is my new pottery dishwasher and microwave safe?

YES! all products have been tested in the microwave and dishwasher in my own home.

what is the fluid ounce measurement of my piece?

each piece is handmade so no two are exactly the same. a tiny difference in height or width changes the fluid ounce measurement, so all measurements are approximate and listed in the description. 

why does my vase or planter get a condensation ring at the base?

if there is water or moist soil in the base of a pot it will most likely form a condensation ring around the base because the clay is porous and the bottom of a pot has one layer less of glaze on it than the rest. please always use a coaster underneath to ensure that your tabletop does not get ruined.

what are the black specks in my pottery?

the black speckles are part of the clay that I use. it is actually sand grog embedded in the clay that when fired burns and turns black! 

do you take custom commissions?

I do custom commissions that are within my wheelhouse. I will not agree to make something that I don't think I will be able to make look perfect for you but I often recommend other potters who I think could do the job better if I'm not confident in the project. 

is this food safe?

all of my pottery is food safe unless otherwise listed. I use only homemade glazes so that I know exactly what is in each glaze and can vouch for the food safety of it.